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Sul Golfo del Tigullio


Liguria, Italy


"Suspended in time, and in the landscape"

A promising garden, which is still waiting to be completed, is being born on the steep side of a hill overlooking the beautiful landscape of the Gulf of Tigullio, looking to the promontory of Portofino. 


The narrow terraces that regularise the slope and the typical Ligurian bands supported by dry stone walls are dotted with old olive trees, and dominated by the stone house, furnished with contemporary taste and a love of fine art. 


From the top of the windows the garden appears as a coloured chessboard of textures, nestled between olive groves and suspended in the surrounding landscape. 


Each of the blinds of the rooms of the house will open on an outside that offers the same material richness and installations that characterises the house’s interior, each part dedicated to a different theme and a seasonality.

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