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Matteo La Civita

Matteo La Civita on La Pietra Rossa

"In designing gardens it is essential to know and work with the plants involved, as they are the essential matter that defines the shape and the space of architecture of the landscape"

Originating from Gorizia in Italy, Matteo La Civita was born into a region where languages, peoples, cultures, climates, flora and much more are brought together and blended in a place where change and instability are part of everyday life.


This movement and the concern of its locals of the natural development of this area have had a strong influence on Matteo's cultural and vocational training, as well as on his professional choices.


After studying architecture at the Technische Universitaet in Vienna and graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Trieste, in 2004 Matteo undertook a Masters in Landscape Design at the University of Turin. In 2005 he then moved to London and, after completing an internship at Kew Gardens in the city, Matteo started professionally collaborating with Bradley-Hole Schoenaich and Trees Associates, also based in London.


Matteo is proud to have been a gardener and plantsman before becoming a garden designer in his own right, as he believes that with such projects it is essential to know how to work with plants, which are the essential element that defines the shape and architecture of the landscape space.

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