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Filippo Dimatteo

Filippo Dimatteo on La Pietra Rosssa

"My desire is to have the opportunity to always work with plants, the beauty of which I have always wanted to surround myself"

Since adolescence, Filippo has increased enormously his interest in plants and ethology. 


Born in Basilicata, a region that has unspoiled landscapes and simple and true traditions, after graduating from Agricultural School Filippo began working in the family business, which is concerned with the production and marketing of quality fruit. 


During the last 15-years, this has enabled Filippo to enrich his professional skills, both through direct field experiences and  administrative duties. 


In the fall of 2015 Filippo moved to Majorca, Spain, to deliver new projects that also leave space for his passion for plants, and in particular the Mediterranean geophytes.


Here he has worked as a consultant for gardeners, nurserymen and designers.

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